Jamie received her initial massage training at Mueller College in 1996. Since then, she has worked as a therapist at gyms, spas, chiropractor officers and healing centers, always learning more. Her technique employs Swedish, image1relaxation and nurturing modalities. As a healer she often incorporates her years of visualization training, meditation, Goddess work, re-birthing and alternative therapy to intuit psychosomatic causes to bodily discomfort. Her approach is gentle and firm.

Jamie believes the atmosphere serves as the basic foundation for the healing work to reach deep and sustaining levels, which is why her practiced is centered at Shri Veda Wellness Center in Costa Mesa with her dear friend Pilar Chandler.

“When you come to receive a massage, the environment should be relaxing, calming and above all nurturing. We all need to learn how to be more gentle with our selves while still maintaining the courage to look directly at behaviors, patterns of thoughts and emotions that lead to stuck energy, soreness and tightness. It’s my job to help guide you back to wholeness.”

Jamie’s training has also lead her to offer personal coaching and empowered lifestyles. She conducts Rights of Passage Rituals, Seasonal Ceremonies and Medicine Making classes.

For appointments call 714-654-0792.