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Jamie has written and published eight books that explore cooking, gardening, herbal medicine, earth spirituality and her Mexican inheritance.



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Exploring the world from an ever-widening sense of appreciation for community, culture and nature, Jamie Wood crafts articles of passion, connection and insight.

On the Road to Oregon: A Costa Mesa mom forges a new connection with her teenage son as they travel the Pacific Coast.
I tossed a canvas bag of fruit from the Costa Mesa farmers market behind the driver’s seat and took off with my oldest son Skyler for our first one-on-one road trip. My car was packed with sleeping bags, a tent, water and clothes; and we headed north for a drive along the California coast to Oregon…read more

Comentary: Banning Ranch Warrants Protection from Development
What is Banning Ranch? Banning Ranch, the last large, open land in private hands on the Southern California coast, is in danger of irrevocable damage. The wild 400 acres sits along the Santa Ana River on the west and Superior Avenue on the East, near Newport Beach city limits…read more

A Fading Scent: She Still Stops to Smell the  oranges. But does anybody else even remember they were here?

One of my first sexual experiences was in an Irvine orange grove. I can still remember the intoxicating scent of orange blossoms mixing with the pungent aroma of rotting fruit….read more

What’s the Buzz with Backyard Buzzers?

The buzz of a bee happily working a copious, vibrantly-colored garden is a wondrous spring and summertime sound. Unfortunately due to the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) the hum of bees isn’t as ubiquitous as it once…read more


Brewing Craft Beer in the OC

Enjoying craft beer at our local breweries has become a viable means of supporting community and the creativity that ensues. The trend for the local breweries in Orange County is growing and each has a unique style and something different to offer…read more


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Since she was nine-years-old Jamie Wood has been intrigued by the legacy of her family’s eight generations of living in Orange County. Visions of rolling hills covered in coastal sage scrub, roaming cattle and horses, and three-day fiestas that marked her ancestors’ bucolic rancho era continually charm her imagination. A chronic story teller, Jamie has authored eight published books on cooking, seasonal living, gardening, and culture, and contributes to a variety of magazines and blogs.

Jamie wrote The Wicca Cookbook with the help of Tara Seefeldt, Ph.D. in Early Modern European History. Next came The Hispanic Baby Name Book and an active pursuit of promoting literature, participating and speaking at the Latino Book and Family Festival, the Festival of
at UCLA, elementary schools, and other writers’ events. She hosted a cooking show treatment (produced y Sci-Fi Channel), received an international award, and taught earth spirituality at retreats, specialty shops, and festivals.

Over the years six other books, The Teen Spell Book, The Wicca Herbal, The Enchanted Diary, Latino Writers and Journalists, Rogelia’s House of Magic, and Faerie’s Guide to Green Magick in the Garden, followed suit.
Jamie has hosted retreats and workshops on earth spirituality and writing across California and the Fiji Islands. Recently she teaches classes at the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium.

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