Jamie teaches Divine Feminine,  Mythology, Herbalism, Wicca and Earth Religions and Creative Writing. She has taught in a variety of settings from university workshops to high school classroom, bookshops, churches, symposiums, festivals, retreats and more.

Most recently she taught two classes at the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium

Womyn Meet Death

We all stumble around death and grief. With the strength, courage and grace of the Goddess, we can awaken to an immense ALIVENESS as stories are shared, healing and forgiveness arises and barriers formed by fear of success or failure or disappointment melt away. In this class we will take a look at ways create your own ritualistic way to pass into the Spirit World including an Earth Blessing Pouch, creative advance directives and four important herbal allies to help during the dying and death process.

Living a Magickful Life

Living a Magick-full life is a matter of choice. It’s training the way you see things. Magick is a combination of interpreting omens, trusting your intuition, tapping into the collective conscious, receiving the gifts, sharing the best of you and remaining connected to All That Is..No Matter What Happens. In this class we will learn which herbs can help us to Move with Energy, Magick on a Desert Island, Give Up the Drama and Go with the Flow.

Below is a sampling of her other teachings:

“Goddess Archetypes Through the Moon” retreat in Kandavu, Fiji at Papageno Resort

“Authentic Women in Power” retreat in Arrowhead, CA

“Magick for Young Womyn” workshop, 7 consecutive years, Northern California Women Herbal Symposium, Laytonville, CA

“Art of the Death Doula” Northern California Women Herbal Symposium, Laytonville, CA


“Goddess and the Pen” Northern California Women Herbal Symposium, Laytonville, CA

“Wicca 101” Fish Interfaith Center, Chapman University, Orange, CA

“Wicca 101” Universal Unitarian Church, Costa Mesa, CA

“Wicca 101” at Pagan Pride LA & San Diego

“Beltane Celebrations” Goddess Temple of OC, Irvine, CA

“Wicca and Sustainability” Pantheacon, San Jose, CA



l Remedies” at Huntington Beach Community Center

“Latina Authors on Fire” readings at various bookstores, middle school, high school and university campuses

“Wyld Women Writers” The Road Less Traveled, Santa Ana

Contact Jamie@jamiewood.com if you are interested in her teachings and presentations.