I am a maker. I make with my hands and my heart. Typically I make gifts for my loved ones and infuse their personality and my love for them into whatever I am creating.. whetIMG_0197her that is pottery, jewelry, candles, lotions or potions.

I create rituals that result in a potpourri earth blessing, candles, dream catchers, vision boards, God(dess) Eyes, potions (the love potion No 9 has proven to be quite effective) and on it goes. I started by writing spells for The Teen Spell Book which resulted in fun, nurturing recipes like lotions, perfumes, bath salt and soaps. I continued paring recipes with ritual in books like The Enchanted Diary, The Wicca Herbal and The Faerie’s Guide to Green Magick in the Garden. So now its second nature (puIMG_0231n intended).

I am a work of art in progress. I rarely duplicate the art I create – seems to take the magic out.¬†That’s just the nature of the polymorpheus life.¬† Seasons like spring, summer, fall and winter change us, just as much as the seasons of maiden, enchantress, mother, queen and crone change us. And if you are a boy… lad, hunter, father, sage and elder. My pottery is available at Company of Angels at the Waldorf School of Orange County and various festivals.